LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — Upon completion of Round 7, over $1 million dollars has been won by #CowboyCapital Pro Rodeo Athletes at the 2018 NFR!!!

| Richmond Champion | Kaleb Driggers | Junior Nogueira | Luke Brown | Jake Long | Dustin Egusquiza | Kory Koontz | Cody Snow | Wesley Thorp | Paul Eaves | Lane Ivy | Buddy Hawkins | Cole Davison | Cory Petska | Clay Tryan | Travis Graves | Chad Masters | Jacobs Crawley | Brody Cress | Sterling Crawley | Cort Scheer | Isaac & Britany Diaz | Marty Yates | Ryle Smith, | Sterling Smith | Reese Riemer | Jake Pratt | 

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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — Cowboy Capital Team Ropers continue their dominance at this year’s NFR. Stephenville’s Luke Brown and Jake Long split the win with Derrick Begay (AZ) and part time Erath County resident Cory Petska in Round 7. Other Erath County winners in tonight’s round are: Chad Masters/Joseph Harrison (AR); Kaleb Driggers/Junior Nogueira; and Cody Snow/Wesley Thorp. 

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Are you following The Flash Today - Erath County? They are doing an AMAZING job of covering this year’s NFR! Thanks to all the staff for y’alls great rodeo coverage 🤠♥️🤠

#CowboyCapital #ErathCounty #RodeoTown
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